Ledo Magic Touch — A New Level of Tempered Glasss Screen Protector

Shenzhen LEDO Technology Co., Ltd. Has developed a latest technology called LEDO Magic Touch-Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone6 & 6plus.The best partner of iPhone 6 users, which let you feel the best style of mobile phone. 

How is your finger feeling when you using the iPhone6 or iPhone 6 plus? With the development of iPhone Design, The size of iPhone becomes bigger and bigger. And it is challenge for people that their fingers need to cross the whole screen to get the Return Key above screen. So our LEDO Magic Touch solved this problem. 


The LEDO Magic Touch does not only keep the ordinary screen protector function, but also has the ENTER and RETURN function. Besides, you do not need to install APP on the iPhone or connect with an external device. Only one piece our Magic Touch lets ENTER and RETURN function can be realized. This technology makes the tempered glass screen protector more intelligent and mobile phone more use-friendly. 


Actually, our Magic Touch is almost same as the ordinary tempered glass screen protector, however, LEDO have our own extraordinary design. The raw material of the ultrathin glass is imported from Japan. Normally, the button is transparent so that we cannot see any difference by eyes. While, we use the invisible circuit inside the protection film and link to the ENTER and RETURN button, so that it can realize that we do not need any external device or APP to have this function. 

So far, The Magic Touch has been received ecstatic reviews in our domestic market! 

Shenzhen LEDO Technology Co. Ltd, Founded by a group of young people full of passion. We are mainly professional produce all kinds of 3C electronics and smart wearable device product to oversea market. We have our own factory, R&D team, Design team, Sales team. Focus on smart product. We succeed developed a lot of awesome product recently, such as: Smart tempered glass screen protector, wireless WiFi mini camera, smart robot, etc. 

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Rf7Eg8Vttxo


Shenzhen LEDO Technology Ltd., Be Called for Short LEDO, professionally manufactures all kinds of 3C electronics and smart wearable device to global market. We have our own factory and strong R&D team.

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