Airwheel A3 self balancing motorcycle brings a revolutionary change in the whole sector.

This year, Airwheel rolled out a new model—intelligent self-balancing scooter A3 on 18 June. This model is termed as an innovation of substance and a breakthrough in the whole sector. A3 brings about a revolutionary change in scooter. Why does A3 play such a great role in the sector of the scooter both at home and abroad?

Prior to the announcement of A3 on 18 June, the previous scooters, for instance the single-wheeled unicycle and the electric twin-wheeled scooter, merely serves the end of entertainment. When it comes to the locomotion, these scooters merely go for a short-distance trip. With the advent of the two-wheeled scooter, for example Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter S3, the satiation had slightly turn round, but with limited success. S3 boasts its ease of use and the ability to cover a relatively long distance to be sure, but it is still applied no more than to the premises of business or institution. Few people use it outside for the moment. However, A3 is the opposite.

The newly launched model, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter A3 is equipped with a battery whose battery capacity is far larger than any previous model in the market for the scooter. It gets to make possible the long-distance strip. On a full charge, it can run 40 to 50 km. Apart from this, it is lighter and more compact than the common electricity-assisted scooter. One can easily fit A3 into the lift and metro and even can carry it himself. The small size enables A3 to thread its way through the crowd of traffic. The traffic jam will be no longer your bugbear. 

Another advantage of A3 is cost-effective and energy-saving. It only takes 4-5 hours fully charge A3, costing 1 kWh. In Europe, one full charge costs 0.5 euro. This silly price is so low so to be neglected. Therefore, it is not only clean but also cost-effective.

To sum up, A3 brings a revolutionary change in the whole sector.

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