Ben Solomon’s Grandiose Project: Rewrite The Bible

Israeli author intends to develop an interpretation that combines the past and future, and will be relevant for everyone.

Here’s a project that is not only immense and complex but also one of the most pretentious ventures of all time.

Israeli Ben Solomon is looking to rewrite the Bible.

“This interpretation will not stray even a millimeter from the inherent ideas conveyed in the original text,” says Solomon. “It will integrate the past with the future, and provide answers for anyone who uses the thought patterns and intelligence of a man living in the modern world.”

His goal is to develop an interpretation that will return the Bible to its place of prominence. “The Bible should hold a place of respect in every man’s mind,” Solomon says. “This new version will serve as a useful tool, as a source of ideas and information for anyone at all who studies it.”

The Bible is the most famous and most widely disseminated piece of writing in the world, and serves as the basis for the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Solomon notes that as each religion has added denominations, there have been varying interpretations.

“In fact,” Solomon says, “university professors have discovered countless examples that disprove things written in the Bible. Due to the proliferation of so many theories, interpretations, and holy wars, the main ideas inherent in the Bible have gotten lost by the wayside.

“This new version will be earthshaking for people on both ends of the spectrum, in that it will also challenge the authenticity of the Bible.”

Solomon is not shying away from the brazen nature of this undertaking, calling it the “Grandiose Project of Modern Bible Interpretation.”

Yes, it’s grandiose, pretentious and ostentatious. And it’s also intensive, time-consuming and must be, above all, accountable. Solomon has established a budget of $100,000, which will cover research and writing, editing and pagination, translation into as many languages as possible, and worldwide distribution.

In order to raise this capital, Solon has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at: – /story

Donations of any amount are welcome. A contribution of $100 will be rewarded with an autographed copy of the modern Bible interpretation.

“Unlike what was acceptable in the past, this book will be written using an approach and style that can be understood by anyone,” says Solomon. “Concepts and perceptions from our own times will also be included, making it more relevant for the average person.”

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Grandiose Project of Modern Bible Interpretation

Grandiose Project of Modern Bible Interpretation

Grandiose Project of Modern Bible Interpretation

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