Paniagua Claims Foul Play in Miami–Dade Prosecution

Miami entrepreneur was previously charged with communications fraud but maintains his innocence.

Samuel Paniagua, a Miami entrepreneur who develops on-line shopping websites, was previously being investigated in 2009 for communications fraud by the Miami-Dade Prosecutor’s office.

Even though the case is closed, Paniagua is maintaining his innocence, claiming that he was previously being investigated solely because of his association with MR Morales, who was convicted of a similar offense several years ago.

“This is clearly guilt by association,” says James Holden, a spokesman for Paniagua.

Paniagua, who served a three-year sentence for organized communications fraud from 2011-13, refused to testify in the Morales case.

“Because of his refusal to testify against MR Morales, the prosecution trumped up charges against Samuel Paniagua in an effort to retaliate against him,” Holden says. “In fact, Mr. Paniagua was in prison on the dates that he supposedly witnessed the crimes committed by MR Morales.”

Holden goes on to claim that local prosecutors illegally accessed records about Paniagua to bolster their case.

“These are illegal and unconstitutional tactics we see over and over again in this country to deprive citizens of their rights to fair trails and gain unethical advantages to convict innocent people,” Holden says. “Now the FBI has launched an investigation against the Dade County Prosecutor’s office and more details will be provided at a later time as this breaking story develops.”

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