Victory is a new mobile game that engages your mind

It includes classic features of old board games plus modern digital graphics and features.

There are thousands of games that you can play on your Smartphone or tablet but how many of them require you to use your brain?

Not many. In most cases, it’s the bang-bang-bang of quick reaction time and fast moving images.

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Crazy Pelican Games of Torrance, Calif., is now offering something different. It’s called “Victory” and is a challenging game for people who want to use their minds. It can be played on tablets and Smartphones using both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

“This game makes your brain sharp instead of making your thumbs ache,” says Jeff Donohue, CEO of Crazy Pelican Games. “It’s the ultimate strategy game that challenges the wit in all of us. Victory has many of the features of classic games we all fell in love with – plus modern digital graphics and features.  It’s the best of both worlds.”

The goal of the game is to move from one side of the game board to the other, similar to marching downfield in a football game. Players need to roll digital dice to move forward. But in order to advance, you need to defeat your opponent’s strategies.

“Every game is different,” says Donohue, “and every player has different strategies.”

The concept and graphics have been fully developed but the game still needs to be programmed, marketed and distributed. Donohue has established a budget of $30,000.

In order to generate this capital, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at:

The page includes a demonstration video.

Donations of any amount are welcome. Backers who contribute $5 will receive a copy of the game when it’s completed. Those who pledge $20 get a “Victory” coffee mug and a copy of the game.

A $50 contribution gets you the game plus a “Victory” T-shirt.

“We believe that gamers will really enjoy this new type of game and we’re hoping they’ll help us get this project off the ground,” Donohue says. “Even small donations are really appreciated.”

For additional information, visit or the Crazy Pelican website,

Donohue can be reached directly by email at or by phone at 310-295-0200.

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