Ways to prevent cavities from ruining the smiles and the aching pains

1. Brush your Teeth Daily
2. Avoid Sugar Rich Food and Beverages
3. Add Cheese in your Diet
4. Use Sugar Free Chewing Gum
5. Regular Use of Mouth Wash
Here are Five Ways to Avoid Toothache: Say Bye to Cavity and Pain

Remember, you smile is precious for your family members and your friends. However, there is always a threat to your smile because of the perils beneath. You develop cavities by eating sticky food items in your daily routine. Life has become more hectic and there is hardly any time left to think about your food habits. This situation has forced large population to eat food from the fast food shops and restaurants. We hardly bother to have a look, how the food is prepared and whether it is hygienic or not. It is difficult for us to stay away from this practice but we can adopt FIVE ways to keep smiling and to avoid sitting on a dentist’s chair.

1:  Brush your Teeth Daily

It is highly recommended by the dentists and dental surgeons to brush your teeth twice a day. While brushing, make sure that you brush before having your breakfast and after your dinner or before going to sleep. Do not forget to use fine quality tooth brush and FDI World Dental Foundation certified tooth paste. Also consider the recommendation of your dentist.

2:  Avoid Sugar Rich Food and Beverages:

Avoid all such foods containing huge amount of sugar like in donuts, beverages and other bakery items. These are directly going to attack your gums and are responsible for creating cavities which leads to tooth ache. If not controlled, this may lead to huge expenditure in dental treatment and early loss of your teeth. It is going to affect your personality because you may hesitate to smile as you are conscious about your own self.

3:  Add Cheese in your Diet

Most researchers have revealed that cheese contains protein “casein”, which is capable to protect your teeth from cavity and helps in maintaining healthy teeth. So, if you want to eat pizza, kindly ask for the cheese pizza and enjoy yourself.

4:  Use Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Many chewing gum manufacturing companies offer sugar-free chewing gums, which use “Xylitol” a natural substitute to sugar. These chewing gums can fight against cavity in your teeth and also control the secretion of acid causing tooth ache. So, enjoy the taste of the gum along facial muscular exercise. Choose from variety of flavors available and use as an alternative to stop bad breath. Elevate your confidence and boost your morale.

5:  Regular Use of Mouth Wash

Use of recommended mouth wash and dental floss is going to help you in long run. Use mouth wash thrice a day to cleanse your mouth thoroughly after intake of food. It helps to reduce the dental cavity and stops bad breath. You can use mouth wash with little water and circulate in your mouth for two minutes. Let it cleanse your teeth to keep it healthy.


Healthy and clean teeth brings shining confidence in your personality and smile in natural way. Keep exercising all above easiest practices in your daily life; avoid heavy expenditure of visiting a dentist. Spend your money for your family members, instead.

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