Financial Professional Says NYSE After-Hours Security Abysmal

20 JULY, 2015 – Author, Ken Poirot who is a respected financial professional, as well as a best-selling author, has offered his views on the topic of New York Stock Exchange security measures. The blog he penned on July 10, 2015, following the NYSE computer glitch and trading lapse which occurred last week, has some interesting discourse about his own experiences during a 2006 visit to the world’s leading financial exchange. The blog can be accessed at

The author describes his by-invitation-only visit to the New York Stock Exchange in detail. The entrance to the floor during the trading hours was done only with high security, The tours were conducted by NYSE employees and in the wake of the 9-11 event, security checks were very strict. After hours, though, the same group was welcomed to a party on the trading floor where drinking and horseplay was seen. 

According to Poirot, “The private after-hours party was June 2006, but open drinks and footballs flying around on the floor of the NYSE right next to all the computer terminals with no security in sight is a bit disturbing, especially in light of the NYSE ‘computer glitch’ and trading halt just this Wednesday.”

Ken Poirot spoke recently with an interviewer about his self-help book stating, “’Mentor Me’ is my book, which has hit the best seller list several times in the past. It is written to assist others to access the three keys to success which include goal setting, time management and life skills. I show readers how to get focused, be focused and stay focused.”

Poirot’s blog point was that he is surprised that the glitch in trading early in July doesn’t happen with greater frequency. He cites several incidents from his own experience with Charles Schwab where trading was done with no support from branch computers due to systems outages. 

More information about the book “Mentor Me” can be found by visiting the link at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Mr. Poirot at the location provided below.

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