Trist Hits More Than 1,000 Downloads to Cross Its First Major Milestone

Trist reaches a new milestone as the app reaches 1,000 downloads.

Trist, the location insights app that provides real-time location insights using a unique algorithm, has hit the remarkable figure of 1,000 downloads recently. The app is hugely popular among those who want to explore platforms where fellow visitors are engaged in like-minded activities.

“We are proud to announce that Trist has achieved its first milestone recently,” says the spokesperson for, the official Web site of the app. “The app has hit 1,000 downloads, which shows its growing popularity among those looking for a reliable and high-quality location insights app. Our app is unique in the sense that it enables users to update data with real-time information, which makes our solutions current and relevant at all times.”

The developers of Trist expect more frequent and rapid download of this mobile app as it is a highly valuable and innovative piece of technology designed to help users find the best places to hang out. The smartphone-based app help users access reliable and real-time information about the various aspects of the crowd frequenting the place, such as average age, gender mix, and income range, among other things.

Trist is also popular among entrepreneurs as they can use the location insights app to know their customers better or to find the perfect location to attract the maximum footfall for their retail outlets.

A fair number of the record downloads is believed to have come from businesses, according to the spokesperson.

“Business owners can use our app to choose the best locations for their businesses and for various enterprise improvement moves,” says the spokesperson while elaborating on its wider applications. “Trist can be used to detect locations with the highest potential for enterprise-specific brands, products, or services, which can save time as well as effort.”

Trist has emerged as the favorite and most dependable location insights app of those who want updated and genuine information about places, services, and events. Moving around in a new place can be quite challenging, but with Trist, it becomes remarkably easy and effortless. Users can get all the information they need about places and events quickly. They can easily discard unwanted data and focus sharply on the specifics.

By hitting 1,000 downloads, Trist is clearly in the big leagues now. The developers are sure that the app will hit more milestones in the near future as word spreads about this highly valuable and user-friendly location insights app.

The developers are committed to providing users with the ultimate information gathered from top social media channels in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Trist makes it easy for users to gain valuable insight before they set out to explore a city or event.

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About Trist:

Trist is a free-to-download location insights app available on iTunes and Google Play in the lifestyle category. The app was developed by Trist and Fikl, LLC and is available in version 2.2.2 in English. The 22.0 MB app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Trist is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

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