Collateral Loans on Luxury Cars and Classic Cars

USA – 20 July, 2015 – Chapes-JPL, the nation’s leading jewelry lender, is pleased to announce its newest service, Loans on High-End Luxury cars and select classic cars including free car storage. When you utilize this service, you can be assured that your vehicles will be stored safely and securely indoors away from inclement weather, heat, humidity, and other elements that could otherwise harm them. Along with luxury and classic cars, Chapes-JPL in Atlanta also offers indoor storage for classic and luxury motorcycles. Rather than storing these vehicles in your driveway or garage with very little benefit, you can get a loan on a portion of its value and take advantage of the free storage service available from Chapes-JPL.

These assets can be used to secure a loan, when in need of cash. In todays lending environment, its difficult to obtain a bank loan even with these kinds of assets in your possession. This business specializes in giving customers loans based on a percentage of the assets fair value, including jewelry, precious metals luxury goods and now high-end cars and motorcycles.

Safekeeping during Financing

In addition to financing, Chapes JPL also will make sure that your highly prized assets are well-kept and guarded until the loan is satisfied. Other lenders may not give the proper care to your cars or motorcycle. They may store them outside in an open parking lot or keep them in a poorly maintained storage facility. And over time your assets could be returned to you with a depreciated value. That depreciation is worse with future financing because the first lender failed to protect them.

However, with Chapes-JPL, you can rest assured that your assets will be stored safely without any additional charge to you during the life of your financing. And when they are returned to you, you will find that they are just as valuable and beautiful as they were when you used them to secure the loan. Your assets’ value will be kept intact because of the professional storage services available now from this company.

Free and Confidential Consultation

You can arrange for a free confidential consultation by filling out the form on Chapes-JPL’s website. The form is easy and quick to complete, and you can expect to be contacted promptly after you submit it. You can be contacted by phone or email. You also are invited to give a description of the luxury or classic car or motorcycle you wish to use for financing. This confidential consultation lets you discuss what kind of short term loan options are available to you. You also do not have to worry about your information being sold to others because your details are kept secure and private at all times.

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