Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Discovering Iceland — Photobook

Neil has made an application for iOS cell phones in which he has included a lot of beautiful pictures of the Iceland territory. The photos of Iceland are not just beautiful in landscaping but they are amazing in a way that they bring forth the true face of Iceland as a nature’s example of heaven on earth. Neil is fond of photography and has been to more than 50 countries across the globe in search of adventure and for sightseeing, he is also an app developer for iOS. He intends to go to Iceland in order to capture nature’s fury and cold in its best and to make a full collection of some of the most glorious images to have ever come out of Iceland.

He has chosen Iceland because it is a rather untouched part of the world. There are plenty of places where it is next to impossible for a man to go, let alone with a camera and enough senses left in him to take a good picture. But Neil has sealed the deal and claims that he is up for it. What Neil intends to do is that he wants to take some of the best pictures of natural landscapes in Iceland that most people would have never seen before. He also wants to make a book including information about Iceland.

In this eBook Neil also intends to include pictures of wildlife that lurks in Iceland and the flora and fauna of the beautiful country. He also plans to take a trip through the air in order to get some of the never before seen aerial pictures of Iceland. He also wishes to witness the amazing beauty of the northern lights that appear in the night sky over Iceland due to magnetic activity of the planet. Neil will also publish his book in a hard copy format in which he will add the best pictures from across the country and will also make in informative about Iceland’s history, geography and culture.

About Us:

Neil has launched a campaign in Kickstarter which is an online platform for people to get crowd funded by presenting people with a purpose. Neil’s purpose is to make a collection of beautiful pictures taken from across Iceland. He intends to cover natural landscapes, wildlife, flora and fauna of the country as well as the northern lights. He will publish all his work in the form of a book and will also make an eBook out of it.

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