Newly Released Film: The HLIC Features Author Shavon Goodwin

““Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone succeed.” — Shavon Goodwin, Author and Cast Member of The HLIC Movie”

Ontario, CA – July 20, 2015 – Most authors are content to write a few books as their contribution to society. Shavon Goodwin has taken her life experience and not just added it to a book but shared it in the new film “Head Ladies In Charge”. In the HLIC Movie, Goodwin shares her life philosophy for success in the middle of aggravating circumstances. “Trust the Process,” says Goodwin.

“Her story of being a single mother, trying to go back to school is not unique. However, the circumstances she had to go through and still get As in her classes was amazing,” says Dr. Letitia Wright, director of the HLIC Movie. “Not many people with good grades can tell that kind of story. Giving up is just not part of her life.” The HLIC Movie was released in July of 2015 and features 33 other women who tell their stories of thriving through tough situations. Goodwin’s story adds to the over-all theme of success and triumph.

Shavon Goodwin is the author of “A Princess in Me” and the mother of 6 daughters. She fully understands the need for self-esteem in girls and young women. Her commitment to building self-esteem in girls is what led her to write her book. It also led her to become a cast member of the HLIC Movie. “I knew the impact was going to be far beyond what I could do on my own. By partnering with other amazing women who have stories, I can bring a variety of ways to succeed in spite of one’s circumstances,” says Goodwin. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone succeed.”

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