Kickstarting Trash with the Bag-Ready System (BRS)

ASOTV Emery Cat Board Inventor — Michael T. Diep the creator of BRS

Orange County, CA – July 21, 2015 – The Bag-Ready System (BRS) will kick off an exciting Kickstarter campaign over the summer. Together, through crowdfunding, the BRS team and Kickstarter backers will provide encouragement and finances through the offering of three (3) “unique” phases as part of the newest marketing campaign being used for the first time ever to promote and attract worldwide interest for distribution of the BRS.

The Bag-Ready System was created by international best selling inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Michael T. Diep. Michael’s most recent invention, the ASOTV sensation Emery Cat Board, has garnered interest for distribution in many countries including big box retailers here in the US. Additionally, it has just recently been picked up for international distribution through all of Petco and PetSmart.

The BRS idea was born out of frustration from the inventor who is not foreign when it comes to inventing new consumer products. Michael noticed there was a problem in the household, workplace and oftentimes, the price of trash bags quickly outweighed the cost of the average trashcan. This led Michael to think that if he could supply both the trash bin and trash bags at the same time for an unbeatable price and even provide trash bags in the near future practically for “FREE”, he would help make this dream become a reality.

It is our goal to make this amazing Bag-Ready System trash bin available to everyone, affordable by anyone and everywhere around the world so taking out trash is no longer a painstaking and daunting task. The modern world we live in time is a valuable asset and this applies to all of us. The concept of Bag-Ready System is the result of a simple idea to help minimize the tedious, time consuming process of taking out trash we all have to do every single day.

Michael was recently named as one of the top 8 immigrant inventors in America alongside with Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, Levi Strauss, and Thomas Edison. Michael is very excited to release the Newest and Most Innovative Bag-Ready System with his team of wonderful Kickstarter backers and enthusiasts.

About the Bag-Ready System

The Bag-Ready System is a beautiful trash bin that will revolutionize the way you spend your time cleaning. Because the Bag-Ready System comes pre-loaded with 90 trash bags all stored at the bottom for your convenience, the process of taking out trash has been streamlined, and become so much easier that you will find yourself saving hours of stress and unnecessary maintenance time. The Bag-Ready System ensures companies and households a new way to save money through the BRS’s ease of use, sanitation, and eco-friendly bag philosophy.

BRS Features & Benefits

1. Save money and resources

2. Save hours of stress and maintenance time

3. Prevent potential airborne-related diseases

BRS Unique Design

1. Sanitary

2. Easy to use

3. Eco-Friendly


We are proud that the Bag-Ready System is more sanitary than any other trash bin out in the market. Oftentimes, when you are replacing an overstuffed trash bag, particles of trash, dust, and dirt can drop down to the lower chambers of the trash bin without you knowing, resulting in unnecessary stench, rot, growth of bacteria, and even risk of airborne disease. But at the bottom of the BRS is a capsule that collects all of these particles into the bag, ensuring sanitation.

Easy to Use:

We like to relate the process of using the Bag-Ready System as using a large Kleenex box: when one tissue comes out, another one is instantly ready, and a compartment full of new tissues are ready to go underneath.


The less bags you buy the better and with the BRS bin, we streamline a steady supply of bags With your initial purchase, you will not have to purchase additional trash bags from anywhere up to 6 months or to a year.

Why Trash?

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. By focusing on cleaning up the way trash is taken out, we believe that we can help save the environment in both small and big ways. Additionally, our team at the Bag-Ready System (BRS) seeks to provide the most cost- effective, eco-friendly, sanitary, and exciting outlet of maintaining trash, while having the most fun doing so.

Our goal is to help alleviate the amount of time and energy spent while cleaning around the house or workplace, saving hours of time instantly. We strive to give our customers more time to focus on what truly matters most – spending quality time with family and friends. Together, we can help the BRS find a home in every house, business, school, hospital, and hotel around the world.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Austin Farmer
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