1GAMES release their new vicious and horror game ‘Murderer online’, available free of cost at playstore

1GAMES have released their new ferocious and horrifying game ‘Murder Online’ which is an intense Horror game visualized between a cruel murderer and a gorgeous fugitive. The graphics of the game will take the gamer through creepy murders, eerie locations while being a brutal murderer or the fugitive who runs away and hides from the murderer.  

By playing as a murderer the gamer can feel the excitement of finding and killing the lady who tries to hide or run away, surely takes some guts to do that, not for the faint hearted!

A fugitive will experience the extreme stress and thrill of escaping from the murderer trying to save their life, not knowing which moment they might get killed. The game provides over ten various characters of the murderer and in the Rumble Mode the gamer can have a face to face contest to choose the strongest murderer. Different moves like jumping, crawling can be used to create various situations.

The ‘view jacking function’ lets you the gamer use murderer’s eyes to check his locations and movement. To temporarily avoid the murderer’s eyes, the game provides a transparency function. Another fascinating feature included in the game is the changing heart color, which can predict the distance between the player and a murderer as it slowly turns red. More number of killings and collecting more points will also let the gamer upgrade the murderer’s skills and powers.

More information about the game can be found on facebook as well.

The game is available to download for free at Google playstore on the following link:

About 1GAMES

1Games is a professional game developing company and has created more than 300 mobile games in various genres like adventure, action and racing.  The Life of Wolf Series game by this company has recorded more than 5 million downloads. Some of the other popular games by this company are Cat Friends, Puppy Land Online, Life of Black Tiger, Bus Turbo Racing, Theme Park Rider, and Wolf Online etc. The aim of the company is to target global mobile game market and provide the user with unique and entertaining gaming experience.

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