Airwheel A3 Intelligent electric scooter for sale Brings the Long-distance Trip to Everyone’s life

Before the release of Airwheel A3, intelligent scooter is always used a short or medium distance traveling transport. However, A3 overthrows the tradition by combining innovation, science and technology, which makes possible the long-distance city transportation.

Though commuters and students have loved the intelligent scooter and adopt it as a short or medium distance transportation, which helps to avoid the traffic jam and air pollution, the intelligent scooter can’t explore to a larger market and be used largely like the bike and the electric bike. To solve this problem, Airwheel release the first sitting-posture self-balancing scooter—Airwheel A3 in its 2015 new product announcement.

The change in riding mode

The most significant breakthrough of Airwheel A3 is its sitting-posture riding mode. Compared with the traditional intelligent scooter, whose riders can only standing while riding, Airwheel A3 saves a long of energy and erases the tiredness of long-distance riding, which provides the most contented riding experience. To improve the level of comfort and safety, Airwheel A3 adopts the bodily control through hands, arms and legs. As regard to the design, even the most women can also be in the car with one foot touches the ground, to achieve the driving security and stability. At the same time, it has the same control way as the car, so the riders only need to hold and turn the steering wheel. 

Three innovations in the scooter industry

To assure the riding safety, Airwheel A3 lays three innovative designs: the electronic brake system, original hydraulic suspension and original automatic steering-sensor system. The electronic brake system limits the stopping response time to 0.5 second and stopping distance to 50 centimeter. The moment the riders press the stopping bottom, Airwheel A3 will automatically respond and ensure the safety. The original hydraulic suspension uses the experience of the traditional string suspension, which conquers any terrain easily. The original automatic steering-sensor system corresponds to the international standard design. Airwheel A3’s turn lights will lighten automatically when the rider turns the steering wheel.

Combined with innovation, science and technology, Airwheel A3 conquers every difficulty may meet when riding for a long distance, which leads the intelligent scooter to open the market of city long-distance transportation.

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