Airwheel Intelligent electric scooter distributors Provides a New Relation Among People, Scooters and Cities

In recent years, as current conditions of city traffic jam is becoming more and more serious, and the urban ecological environment deterioration, haze, road rage problems are derived, so the new transport like the intelligent scooter has win most people cognition and acceptance. Airwheel has been engaged in the development and production of intelligent portable self-balancing scooter over the past few years. As Airwheel’s chairman, Mr. Zuo Guogang thinks, this is a new product that can bring about changes to the status of the city and let the city people’s travelling become healthier, more comfortable, and more eco-friendly.

Self-balancing scooter and low-carbon urban life

The design intention of Airwheel self-balancing scooter is to ease the urban traffic pressure and environmental degradation. It is completely powered by electricity, will not emit a waste, which is zero pollution and green. Airwheel intelligent scooter can let the users live in the city’s ecological system, which is more harmonious and healthy. Besides, Airwheel also selects the Sony lithium battery, which is high quality, safe and stable. Through reasonable industrial design, Airwheel intelligent scooter consumes only one to two degree of electricity after riding for one hundred mile, which chases the true low carbon and environmental protection from every detail.

Intelligent interactive dialogue between man and self-balancing scooter

Airwheel self-balancing scooter can detect people’s riding state through the built-in smart chip, which carries out a smart interactive dialogue about safety and security. When the riding speed the safety value, the scooter will use its pedal warped and alarm sound to remind people to pay attention to the speed; when the scooter’s measuring inclination angle exceeds a certain value, or the battery is low, it will also have the same warning, thereby to protect the safety of the riders. 

The new low carbon travel mode, the new start of the dialogue between people and the city, in order to better life, Airwheel electric balance car in this watch witness it all.

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