Electric scooter manufacturer Airwheel Drive Green, Save Green and Being Green

The current environmental pollution has broken people’s hearts. The river has been contaminated by the wastes of steamship, the air has been polluted by the exhaust and the material wastes of numerous cars have been put into outside. Those vehicles not only damage people’s environment, but consume great energy. As a result of that, a new kind of green transportation tool seems necessary.

When it comes to low-carbon vehicle, the first image should be bicycle.  It is undeniable that bicycle is the most eco-friendly vehicle without any energy but man labor. After the whole day’s tired work, it is hardly possible for those officers to take a bicycle as their traffic tool especially when the distance is over several kilometers. However, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is able to efficiently tackle this problem with its relatively high speed and electric power. Taking the latest product A3 as an example, A3 can reach a speed of 16km/h and once fully charged, A3 can cover a distance of 40-50km which is able to cover any short distance.


What’s more, carrying a bicycle to take onto bus or subway is forbidden due to its “super-size”, and even though someone fortunately escapes the check, the annoying size normally makes them awkward in the crowded space. Airwheel electric scooter, as certain green vehicle as well, avoids this problem. The classic X3 only weighs 10 kilograms and the rider even can put it into his or her backpack easily. 

With the development of inexpensive and reliable means of new designed green vehicles, the 21th century witnessed explosions both in frequency and volume of travelling. Riding an intelligent scooter is a wise choice. There are a great number of reasons why individuals want to get close to the wild nature. Some travelers may have simply desired to satisfy their curiosity about the larger world, some just want to relax themselves and some traveler want to exercise in the wild field. No matter which one they choose, the electric self-balancing scooter is their loyal partner, which is super environmentally friendly, super portable and super fashionable.


Now, riding this electric unicycle, let’s explore the mysterious nature, take a cruise of the beach and enjoy the sunshine of Sunday afternoon.

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