Electric scooter manufacturer Airwheel A3 a Unique New Riding Way

Some people are curious about the reasons why more and more people love riding Airwheel electric scooter A3. Today, writer will list three main reasons to love Airwheel electric scooter A3. Ride Airwheel electric scooter A3 and enjoy a unique new riding way!

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Similarly, there are a thousand best electric scooters in a thousand riders’ eyes. Some people love unicycle, some love twin-wheeled scooter. Recently, a large number of riders choose Airwheel’s new product, Airwheel electric scooter A3. Why they love Airwheel electric scooter A3? That’s a good question. Today writer will list three main reasons to love Airwheel electric scooter A3.


Reason One: Subverting Tradition

There are few people ride traditional scooter now. Young people in new generation love chasing trends and never stick with traditions. Airwheel electric scooter A3 adopts a brand new design of appearance. It’s fashionable, eye-catching and high grade appearance attract young people’s attention and conform to their idea to beauty. The design of Airwheel electric scooter A3 collects the creative essence of industrial designers from all over the world. It follows the thinking habit and operating mode of people, adopts the human engineering theory which make riding cooler and more comfortable. 

Reason Two: New Sitting Posture

Siting is always more comfortable than standing. The standing posture of traditional electric unicycle makes riders tired and fails to meet the need of long-distance city commuting. This is one of the short slabs of traditional self-balancing scooter. The sitting-posture of Airwheel electric scooter A3 easily solves this problem. The new sitting-posture of Airwheel electric scooter A3 improves the balance control ability of riders and enables riding to be relaxed and energy-saving.


Reason Three: Safe Braking System

There is no safety without braking system. Traditional electric unicycle reduces the speed through the change of rider’s center of gravity. Riders are easy to fall down if they face emergency situation. Airwheel electric scooter A3 adopts the electric braking system. When riders push the electric braking switch, the scooter will finish braking in 0.5 second. The inertial forward distance of the scooter is within 50 centimeters, which ensures the safety of riders. 

Airwheel electric scooter A3 is born a high-quality transport.

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