Electric scooter manufacturer Airwheel Injects Cardiac Stimulant into the Low-Carbon Intelligent Transport Market

CEO of Airwheel, Mr. Zuo Guogang expressed that electric scooter has the power to change the lifestyle of people in cities and brings them the best low-carbon transport experience.

Unconsciously, electric scooter has integrated into many people’s life perfectly as well as becomes the best commuting, entertainment and sports tool. Among numerous of different brands, Airwheel upgrades the value of electric scooter into a new height with its professional design team and the spirit of being creative and dependable. Mr. Zuo Guogang, the CEO of Airwheel, expressed that electric scooter has the power to change the lifestyle of people in cities and bring them the best low-carbon transport experience.


Electric unicycle brings happiness to urbanites’ life. There are a lot of advantages of riding Airwheel electric unicycle. From the social aspect, Airwheel electric unicycle is low-carbon, zero emission and helpful in releasing traffic pressure. From the individual aspect, Airwheel electric unicycle helps people to lose weight, builds their body, relieves work stress and improves the daily transport efficiency. Therefore, electric unicycle is not only just a transport. It plays a significant role in people’s life and society. 

Although bicycle is pioneer of the riding trend, riding electric self-balancing scooter is more labor-saving and comfortable than riding bicycle. What’s more, it is more low-carbon and eco-friendly than motorcycle. Riding electric scooter finds the proper rhythm for life. It is not too slow or too fast as well as safe, which provides perfect riding experience for people. The success of Airwheel electric scooter heads from Airwheel’s precise requirement to details and the pursuit to happy riding.


Safety is the primary consideration of riders when they go riding. Airwheel precisely deals with every process in the production chain. Airwheel chooses the reliable Sony lithium-ion battery, high quality Cheng Shin tire and high-performance magnesium alloy which is widely applied in aerospace field. Besides, Airwheel specially adopts speed-limit system in the intelligent chip. If the scooter exceeds the speed limit, the pedals will raise and send out alarm to warn riders. 

Airwheel electric scooter has the power to improve people’s happiness index. Hope Airwheel will give riders more and more surprises in the future.

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