Innovative App, StudyBuddy, Introduced to Help Increase Study Performance

Find your unique study rhythm and study the way you should

VALDIVIA, Chile – July 23, 2015 – An incredible new app that helps increase study performance has just been introduced, it’s called StudyBuddy. This application is the solution to those who feel they aren’t retaining information while studying. StudyBuddy will help users find their unique study rhythm and allow them to better use of precious study time. Right now, StudyBuddy is only available for Android users, so any Android device like smartwatches, cell phones, Android PCs with Bluetooth will work. Simply download the app and turn on the EEG headset and start studying.  

Using EEG sensors (Electroencephalogram), StudyBuddy can read the users brainwaves and analyze them to detect mental stress or their study capacity in real time. Once it detects mental stress, StudyBuddy notifies the user that they should take a break. If they accept it, then an alarm will sound once the break is over. However, before everyone can use this incredible app, StudyBuddy needs help. That’s why they launched this campaign. The goal of this project is to raise $ 12,500 by August 29, 2015, and the funds will go towards improving the app and releasing it on iOs, PC, and Mac. 

To help expand this innovative app, please visit the IndieGoGo campaign or click here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for their donations. 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to better use precious study time! 

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Company Name: StudyBuddy
Contact Person: Felipe Claude
Phone: +569-79420431
Country: Chile