Faya8.com Unveils The World’s First Unstainable Dresses

The dresses use nanotechnology to prevent spillage of common liquids like coffee, soup, red wine and fruit juice from leaving visible stains.

Anyone fed up of having their impeccable looks ruined by embarrassing stains has now been offered a permanent relief. This is thanks to a new category of dresses unveiled by Faya8.com — a leading distributor of celebrity dresses. Faya8.com recently unveiled the world’s first unstainable dresses.

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The dresses are sown out of a fabric which is infused with the latest nanotechnology to prevent spillages from causing stains. As such, when common staining agents like coffee, soup, red wine, fruit juice and other spill on them, they do not cause stains. They can simply be shaken off or wiped clean without leaving a visible stain — irrespective of the color of the dress.

The mechanism through which the fabric works to prevents stains is simple, but revolutionary. With normal fabric, stains are caused with liquids penetrate the fabric. The colors of the staining agents infuse into individual strands of the fabric and alter their color.

Faya8.com’s unstainable fabric uses nanotechnology to prevent fluids from penetrating it. The fabric is coated with nano particles which act as a protective layer to the fabric. When a liquid drops on the fabric, it remains on the surface in the form of tiny droplets. These droplets be gotten rid of by shaking the dress lightly or gently wiping them off with a napkin. They leave no stain visible whatsoever.

According to sources at Faya8.com, the coating of the fabric with nano particles doesn’t change their properties significantly. Properties like the texture, feel, color and softness are not affected at all. The breathability of the fabric is the same as of ordinary fabric. The particles do not cause any irritation to the skin. In fact, for all intents and purposes, the fabric looks and feels the same as ordinary fabric. The only difference is its anti-stain properties.

The stain repelling properties means that the fabric doesn’t get dirty as often as ordinary fabric. Even then, they have to be washed periodically. This is because although they repel liquids, they can gather up dust — just like ordinary fabric. The fabric can be safely washed or dry-cleaned and its stain repelling qualities will not be affected in any way.

Faya8.com is now offering clients an option to have their favorite celebrity dresses made out of the stain repelling fabric. This basically offers people an opportunity to look cool and trendy, but also saves them from the embarrassment of having their looks ruined by nasty stains. Whoever desires to purchase the unstainable dresses can place their order from http://www.faya8.com

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Faya8.com is the premium distributor of celebrity dresses in China. Its specialty is offering people an opportunity to acquire their favorite celebrity dresses at a bargain. Its forte is providing fans an opportunity to acquire any celebrity’s latest dress within two weeks of its debut. It distributes different types of dresses including wedding, bridesmaid, cocktail, evening and special occasion dresses.

The entire range of its products is available on its website: http://www.faya8.com

Faya8.com Unveils The World's First Unstainable Dresses

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