Contribute and tune into “Beauty Beyond Borders” to let the music take you higher

Talent needs to be showcased so that the world gets to know the worth of it and can be a part of the pure joy that it gives. This does cost a lot though and not everyone is able enough to bear the cost that’s why there are quite a number of talented people whose talent dies within them. Angel, New York, is one such talented person who is striving to take her talent to a bigger stage than New York City subways. She doesn’t want to back out due to financial constraints and has started a crowdfunding campaign for her CD, “Beauty Beyond Borders”.

Reportedly, she wishes to prepare, release and promote her CD which includes a total of 12 tracks. All these tracks are produced to present different varieties of music varying between different eras. The music taken ranges from Classical and Jazz to Caribbean and Latino genres. Out of the 12 tracks in the CD, six are taken from the Classical collections while the rest have been written by Angel. As told, Angel has been writing and singing her songs from a very young age and now she wishes to showcase her work professionally for the first time.

She always had this knack for music, writing and singing and she had been entertaining people in the NY City subways for past 10 years. A talent, if worth it, always gets acclaimed well wherever it is showcased that’s why she was always praised and got positive feedbacks from the people there who used to listen and enjoy her songs. After she recognized the gift she got, she doesn’t want to limit it to the subways only but to share with the world. She wishes to professionally release her songs. But again, financial restraints are too much as a professional preparation, promotion and release of a CD requires funds so that the experts can be paid off. Only then a quality work can be produced and presented.

But she is adamant on making her dream come true and thus she has started a crowd funding campaign to overcome the financial obstacles and reach her goal. She started funding from herself first and invested $650, that’s all she could. But with her campaign and support from people, she is confident she’ll collect the required funds and produce a high quality project.

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Company Name: Angel of New York
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Country: United States