Cleaning Company in San Antonio, TX, Offering 30% Off for Carpet Cleaning Services

Homeowners who want to remove spots and stains in their carpets can rely on Topaz Cleaning and Restoration with 30% off their carpet cleaning service. This San Antonio cleaning company transforms the appearance of carpets, rugs, upholstery, and more.

Topaz Cleaning and Restoration offers carpet cleaning in San Antonio, TX, to reduce or clear up the look of stains, spills, or other messes from everyday life. Their team is equipped with the right tools and has undergone extensive training to thoroughly clean a wide variety of surfaces. To ensure the satisfaction of homeowners, they eliminate dirt, dust, germs, bacteria, and more to leave behind a cleaner, healthier environment. They make houses smell fresher and look better after they are done.

Homeowners who live a busy lifestyle and have carpets that are worn down by heavy foot traffic should use the special offer provided by the Topaz cleaning contractors. For 30% off the original price of a carpet cleaning service, they get rid of unpleasant stains as well as revitalize the look and feel of carpet floors. This also saves money on buying and installing new carpet to replace an old or dirty one.

Carpets should be cleaned when homeowners notice their allergies are getting worse from pet hair or other pollutants that are trapped inside the carpet fibers, along with several other factors. This includes stains or spots often left by children or pets that may leave widespread stains and noticeable bad odors. Professionally cleaned carpets are also easier to maintain and reduce the need to replace the entire carpet.

The carpet cleaners at Topaz Cleaning and Restoration recommend having carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, depending on the level of activity in the home. This is to remove pet odors and stains from daily living, but also maintains the color, texture, and overall quality of the carpet for years to come.

For newer carpets, homeowners should take advantage of warranties that require regular professional cleaning by using the 30% off special offer. Homeowners are encouraged to visit their website at or call them at (210) 908-6963.

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