I Am a Modern Mystic — So Are You, Becomes #1 Bestseller

Individuals searching for profound meaning in their daily lives will find the new book “I Am a Modern Mystic — So Are You” to be a call to action. Scientific discoveries complement timeless wisdom to reveal how anyone can harness intuition in the pursuit of happiness. The book reached #1 bestseller status on Amazon and was also featured as a “hot new release” in Mysticism & Spirituality.

Psychotherapist Mirek Kanik dynamically demonstrates how readers can learn to harness the power of the mystical in “I Am a Modern Mystic — So Are You: how to engage your intuition for real change”. The new book explores this elemental connection, offering explicit insights into the application of mind-body principles, a fresh approach to self-therapy using a resource available anywhere, anytime, and to anyone seeking happiness and meaning. The book covers this phenomenon through scientific research findings, heartfelt personal stories, and penetrating interviews. Author Kanik encourages readers to view life as an extraordinary event.

I Am A Modern Mystic — So Are You

New York times best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist Anthony Robbins praised the book stating, “Mirek speaks directly from the heart and encourages you to embrace your meaningful life.”

The key, according to Kanik, is learning to harness the energy of the mystical: “If we change our heart and mind, we can actually alter our physical state to promote our well-being — this is a proven scientific fact. We’ve known this ‘secret’ for millennia, but we’ve just forgotten how to do it.”

Kanik continues, “We are so distracted today, so crazy-busy, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We self-medicate or pursue destructive behaviors to deal with our pain and confusion when we have a natural remedy close at hand.”

The book mines research findings and the author’s own deeply personal experiences with the mystical to demonstrate how anyone can tap this powerful resource to effect positive change in their life. “I Am a Modern Mystic — So Are You: How to engage your intuition for real change” is now available on Barnes and Noble, and available on Amazon in hardcover, print and e-book versions.

Mirek Kanik is an emphatic psychotherapist, Strategic Intervention coach and hypnotherapist.

He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Notre Dame. Mirek’s practice emphasizes the most innovative counseling techniques bridging therapy, the newest scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom. He continues to explore the legitimate and effective role of mysticism in his practice. His research reveals undeniable link between new science and the paranormal.

For more information on the book, media and speaking inquiries visit: http://www.mirekkanek.com


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