Incheon Commodity Exchange ( Announces New Board of Directors

“Incheon Commodity Exchange (”
The nomination will be substituting Mr. Lee Neung, whose second mandate is soon to be over

IHCOM, one of the most versatile commodity exchanges in Asia, shareholders elected a new Board of Directors for the company on Monday, in an Ordinary General Meeting. The new chairman will be Mr. Lim Joong-Hee, who was already a member of the previous Board. He will be substituting Mr. Lee Neung, whose second mandate has now drawn to a close.

Mr. Lim Joong-Hee’s nomination as chairman was voted on by the other board members, at the first meeting of the new Board held soon after the Ordinary General Meeting.

The newly-elected Board has 9 members, as did the previous one, and will have a two-year mandate that can be extended by another two years.

As well as Lim Joong-Hee, five members have been reelected: Koo Heyon, Lee Yong-Jae, Hwang Jung-Yun,  Shin Baik-Jun and Kim Woo.  

Mr. Lim G. Sung Hak, Chief Executive Officer of IHCOM said, “As a result of an increased regulatory focus coupled with expanding investor and portfolio demands, our top priority is to provide clients with easily accessible real-time secure access to the company’s premium client services that is essential to their business objectives. We want to assure our clients that all the board members are working in their best interest. We only promote the most experienced financiers and thinkers as our board members.”

Mr. Lim Joong-Hee commented, “I am honored to be a part of IHCOM’s board and to join a really professionally experienced team that is renowned and respected by the industry. I am looking forward to my first meeting and follow through my first mandate, which I hope it will be the first in long and prosperous collaboration.”

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Incheon Commodity Exchange ( is one of the most versatile commodity exchanges in Asia. The exchange operates and regulates a fully integrated exchange offering a comprehensive range of exchange-related facilities including listing, trading, clearing and settlement and depository services. IHCOM is an exchange hosting just under 1,000 diversified companies. We offer a diverse spread of products covering commodities, equities, derivatives, offshore listings, futures, options and services and bonds. In assisting the development of the Korean capital market, IHCOM is committed to provide the infrastructure and the trading technology needed to create a globally competitive and vibrant marketplace.


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