Boost Title Loans Started Offering Car Title Loans on Lenient Repayment Terms

Car title loans have picked up in popularity across the states particularly because the less rigid repayment terms. Boost Title Loans, a Stockton based lending institution, recently started offering car title loans.

Boost Title Loans, a reputed lending institution which has its office in Stockton, California, recently started offering no credit check car title loans Stockton. The lenders have made it very clear that all they need is to use the borrower’s car title as collateral. They maintained that their loan officers check the eligibility preconditions of loan applicants over the phone and if the loan applicant is found eligible, he or she can collect the loan amount in one hour.

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Boost Title Loans promises a hassle-free and stress-free loan approval procedure for all applicants. The owners have underscored the fact that anybody who is in dire need of cash would be approved a loan, irrespective of their credit score or their financial condition. However, they have clarified that the car title loans Stockton are given only to registered owners of vehicles. As far as vehicle conditions are concerned, they have maintained that cars of all models and makes can be kept as collateral.

One of the senior loan officers of Boost Title Loans recently explained how car title loans in Stockton works. He said that the loan applicants need to furnish some basic information about their cars. “As owning a car is the primary and only precondition for getting a loan, we ask all our loan applicants to provide us with pertinent documents so we can appraise the application and grant the loan as quickly as possible. We don’t do credit check and we do not also check the financial background of the loan applicant. Literally everyone is welcome to apply for a loan, provided they own the vehicles they use. We would then place a lien on the vehicle title and lien is removed right after the loan is repaid. The process is as simple as it sounds and there are no strings attached to it,” he said during a press conference.   

Gal Dauber, the owner of the lending institution, underlined the fact that debtors can still drive and use their cars after a lien is placed. “Online car title loans processing and approval is also possible,” he added.

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Boost Title Loans is a reputable car title loan company having its office in Stockton, US.

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