Jaynie Baker Publishes New Feature On Myers Briggs Personality Type ESFP To Get To Know Performers

Jaynie Mae Baker has just published a new profile on Aligned Signs exploring the most extrovert personality types of the Myers Briggs Type Indicators, the so-called ‘performers’.

Success is all down to relationships — in the modern world almost nothing can be achieved alone, and successful relationships can improve every area of people’s lives. Aligned Signs uses psychological insight paired with astrological variables drawn from the Chinese Zodiac and western astrology to help people explore and discover more about themselves, and meet the people they were destined to meet, work with or even love. Writer Jaynie Mae Baker has published a new profile on the blog, exploring the traits of the Performer personality type.

Jaynie Baker is a qualified specialist in the Myers Brigges Type Indicator and uses her knowledge to help people get to know more about themselves and each other. It has become one of the foundation stones for Aligned Signs and regularly helps people connect with people with traits that emphasize their strengths and cover their weaknesses.

Jaynie’s latest editorial provides an in depth look at The Performer, which identifies key driving attributes as Extroversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perception. The ESFP article delves into the personalities, relationships and careers of this personality type as well as exploring some of the famous people in history identified in this manner. 

A spokesperson for Jaynie Mae Baker explained, “Jaynie regularly shares her expertise and insight on the blog. As a seasoned veteran of matchmaking, she is perfectly placed to help people find out more about the kinds of people they’d like to settle down with. As an expert in Myers Briggs Type Indicators, she can also help people find out more about themselves. As a performer herself, both as a comedian and a contestant in the 2005 WWE Diva Search, this article was especially close to her heart, and she shares key insights on how performer types can succeed in the world in unexpected ways.”

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