Bait Boat Carponizer 3 by MyRcUniverse With Extra Range/Baterry Life is For Sale

Bait Boat Carponizer 3 is the biggest bait boat on the industry,you can find it at a decent price.

The Carponizer 3 has been developed over a number of years to give the best facilities and performance of any fishing boat on the market for a fraction of the costs. Electromagnetic failsafe release mechanism and independent hook release features make this the most advanced and effective bait boat ever made.

The boat features a chunky handle, making it easier to get in and out of the water. Four independent LED’s provide an efficient and effective battery meter that can be seen from long distances.

Weed guards on the propellers  help ensure that the boat remains able to cruise freely and prevents the mechanics being trapped by weed.

Carponizer 3 Review

What you need to know:

• Twin independent rig holders with patented hook release system.

• Stainless steel weed guards.

• 10 ultra high intensity LEDs.

• Tri coloured battery meter.

• Remote Lighting control.

• All lights can be operated from the hand set.

• Range 500 to 1000, depending upon environmental conditions.

• 2 hrs+ Running time at max speed.

• Supplied complete with charger.

• Dimenslons 68cm*48cm*24cm.

• 2 years warranty.

Supplied with as standard:

• Remote Control Handset.

• 12V 10.0Ah lead-acid rechargeable battery for the remote.

• NI-MH AA 1500mAh 1.2V rechargeable battery for the remote control handset.

• AC-DC 12V home charger for balt boat.

• AC-Dc 12V home charger for handset.

Optional Extras: Car Charger, Solar Panel, Custom Back Pack, Waterproof Handset Pouch, Lure Hopper, Wireless Fish Finder.

What other custommers said?

For years i have shied away from using bait boat but just recently this has changed. Iv been fishing a large, low stock pit where real boats are not permitted. The fish spend lots of time at extreme range in the middle, making it very difficult for all. This particular venue has a rule in place which states you are permitted to use a bait boat, but it can only be taken out as far as you can cast a marker float. I think this is a fair rule, and prevents all anglers from going too far, it also prevents a number of crack offs which without doubt would occur when less able casters tried to fish beyond there normal comfort zone.

I have just got a bait boat carponizer for this very venue and what first struck me was the size of the hoppers it really does carry a decent payload and unlike other bait boats iv seen drops the load with out jam ups. The bait boat is packed with features including two different ways of dropping a rig, 1 in the hopper with bait if you wish or separately using a small realise pins on the back. For me tho iv been casting my hook baits and using it purely as baiting tool, a remote controlled giant spod if you like. Iv not really heard of any one doing this in the past and I’m doing it purely because i want to use it in this way. Im fortunate that I’m able to cast a long way using braided mainline and small hook baits and have been fishing between 160-185 yards out. Spodding at this range wouldn’t be completely impossible but it would be extremely difficult and would take all day to get any amount of bait out there. I cast my hook baits out to a reel clip, lets say at 40 wraps of 4 yard spaced sticks (160 yards). Once the lead has touched down and i have sunk the line i walk backwards on an open bail until I’m on the clip. At this range I’m loosing around 8 yards in bow and push a stick in the ground level with the reel back from the waters edge. Using a spare rod clipped at the same range i then tie it to the bait boat. The boat is then driven to the horizon marker until it reaches the clip with the reel placed next to the pre placed stick. Hey presto pression accurate baiting. Iv been marking 3or4 runs, 2 drops each time spreading the bait in a line roughly 12 feet long and fishing a bait on each end. Its been working extremely well and iv been getting amongst a few fish including a few of the lakes 40lbers. Attached is a pic of a 40lb 4oz beauty which was taken during my first session using the carponizer in this way.

Its early days for me with this new tool but I’m sure its going to be a massive edge and really add to my angling in a positive way. The thing that has struck me most is the battery life, it just seems to go on and on especially when topped up from the solar panel.

In conclusion, if you want a fantastic bait boat that can hunddle alot of bait,you should chose Carponizer 3 (Waverunner 3). We found few places where you can buy this bait boat,but most of them are a high price,or they are out of stock. MyRcUniverse have this bait boat in stock at a decent price.

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