New Bank Prioritizes the Rights of Customers

After some disastrous relationships with Chase and Bank of America, David Zandi realized that people need a bank that is trustworthy and an authentic servant of its customers. David learned that most banks are only concerned with earning profits and view customers as disposable entities who are forgotten as soon as they become too risky. After losing access to his accounts twice while in South America, David decided to create a bank that values its customers and puts their needs above its own.

Having worked for two years on Wall Street, David is fully aware that establishing a bank that prioritizes the needs of clients is a fairly revolutionary concept, but he is confident that such a bank will be able to outcompete any of the big banks operating today. Once the public realizes that an honest bank will not charge monthly service fees, demand an account minimum, permit free use of ATM’s worldwide, offer mobile apps and provide up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance, they will transfer their funds en masse.

Starting a major financial institution is not an easy task. To create a bank under U.S. law, there is a minimum amount of capital necessary, in this case, $50 million. David will also need the services of an experienced legal team to incorporate the organization and meet regulatory requirements. To raise the funds necessary, David has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is asking people who have experienced the greed and callous disregard of other banks to help support this new type of bank.

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Company Name: Banking Revolution: Lets Build an Honest Bank
Contact Person: David Kam Zandi
Country: United States