Five No-work Days a Week? No, It’s Just Airwheel Intelligent Self-Balancing 2 wheels scooters.

Will the time when there are five no-work days per week come? It may happen when the WWIII comes. But there are some innovative products which help people fully enjoy their after-work time. People’s workdays will also be as leisure as the weekends.

It’s very fascinating yet not possible for living a life in which people can enjoy 5 no-work days per week. But Airwheel intelligent scooters will offer people a leisure time in their after-work time. 

With Airwheel intelligent scooters, the city transport will become the pleasant time for people. The traffic jam on the roads waste people’s precious time. The huge crowd people in the metro and bus leave people messed suits and horrible body odor. Airwheel X series intelligent unicycles are the most portable scooters ever. Its small size and light weight make it possible for riders to travel on any roads including sidewalks and underground passages. The powerful performances of Airwheel X series intelligent scooters will offer riders the amazing riding experiences and enable riders to cover a long distance at a high speed. Airwheel X intelligent unicycles are office workers’ best choices.

For after-work time in workdays, Airwheel Q series twin-wheeled scooters are young people’s best companions. When the whole-day hard work ends, young people want to find some fun for their leisure time. Airwheel Q twin-wheeled scooters are the most fashionable and sporty vehicles for young players. Together with X electric unicycles, Q series scooters are suitable to perform extreme movements like speed turn and jumps. Player can also cooperate with others to create new tricks. With Airwheel Q series, the limitation of people’s scooter time is only one’s imagination.

For a dusk walk, Airwheel A series sitting-posture scooters are the optimal options. With the seats of Airwheel A series scooters, Airwheel created the sitting-posture riding for riders. Riding electric scooters becomes more comfortable with such a design. Also the electronic brake system, smart phone APP and other designs of Airwheel A3 make it the benchmark in the intelligent scooter industry. 

Airwheel can’t give people five no-work days per week, but it will make workdays more enjoyable, choose Airwheel, choose a more enjoyable life.

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