How to “Kill” Uber? Airwheel accessories Intelligent electric unicycle scooters Tell People the Answer

When the governments and traditional taxi drivers spare no effort to “kill” Uber which has become the greatest threat to them, Airwheel has told the world that Uber may be strong and aggressive, but there are still ways to beat Uber—to create a new way of transport with the intelligent scooters.

In only a short time, Uber has become an enemy to all. Not only the governments but also taxi drivers want to make it disappear. But unfortunately, Uber has become stronger and stronger and has “invaded” many districts and countries in the world. How to “kill” Uber? This is a tough question which haunts many people. But if people dig deep into the reason why Uber is washing over countries after countries, they will find that it’s the ideas of convenience and economy make Uber popular.

The Uber drivers become more and more popular because of the convenience they bring to us. For example, it takes a long time to wait for a taxi by the road side when it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s very convenient to bring out the smart phone and call for an Uber car nearby. But with Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, people just need to take out their vehicles and move out immediately. The strong performances of Airwheel intelligent scooters will offer people the same riding experiences as that of private cars. And the small size of Airwheel intelligent scooters make it possible to ride them on any roads that are not available to cars. Airwheel makes you enjoy the speed of cars and convenience of walk.

Also Uber has made many subsidies to consumers so it seems that Uber cars are convenient and economical at the same time. But what if Uber occupies the whole market and stop offering subsidy one day? Fortunately, the extreme efficient vehicle units of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters make it possible to travel 100 km with only 1 kWh, which in turn saves energy for the society where the electricity mostly come from the heat-engine plant. 

The successes of Airwheel tell people that the traditional transport means are so fragile, and Airwheel intelligent scooters will lead a true revolution of city transport nowadays. 

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