What Distinguishes Airwheel Electric Scooters review from Ordinary Electric Motorcycles?

In response to the low carbon and green concept of the current era, people have invented many electric vehicles like electric motorcycles and electric scooters. They are both eco-friendly vehicles in the new era. Very likely, customers may wonder what distinguishes electric scooters from electric motorcycles. This article is written to clear the qualm of customers.

Currently, the concept of low carbon and green travel has been well advocated. To echo with this concept, many electric vehicles have been developed, such as electric motorcycles, electric scooters and so on. These two vehicles are both environmentally friendly. Some of the consumers may be confused about the differences between the two eco-friendly vehicles and don’t know what to choose. Here is a comparison between electric motorcycles and electric scooters.


Although they are both powered by electricity, the electric scooter consumes less electricity than the other one per hundred miles. Take Airwheel self-balancing scooter as an example. It adopts the original battery imported from Sony, which is much more stable and ensuring than other batteries in the market. S3, one of the Airwheel models, only consumes 2.8 kWh for per hundred miles. On the contrary, an ordinary electric motorcycle has to consume 8 kWh for the same distance. Without any doubt, electric scooter is much more energy-saving than electric motorcycles. 

Apart from that, intelligent scooter also distinguishes itself from other vehicles in terms of convenience. Small and portable, the vehicle can be taken and placed anywhere. Riders don’t have to look for any parking lot for the electric scooter. Nevertheless, electric motorcycles are much bigger, which takes up much more space than electric scooters do. Moreover, in rainy days, if the electric motorcycles are parked in the place where there is no shelter, they will be placed in the rain, which may cause some damage to vehicle and affect user experience.


More importantly, electric scooter is rather suitable for those without good equilibrium sense. In general situation, users can get the hang of the electric scooter within five minutes. However, it is not the same story for electric motorcycles. Users may spend a few days learning how to ride the vehicle, which is rather time-consuming. 

Though they are both eco-friendly, electric scooter is obviously more cost efficient and convenient than electric motorcycles.

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