Airwheel S5 Electric auto balancing scooter is a Blessing to Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor travel becomes more and more popular among young people. Once upon a time, SUV is the first choice for outdoors. However, it asks for a big sum of gasoline expenses and is also restricted by some narrow roads. With the advent of Airwheel S5 electric scooter, a brand-new and economical outdoor travel mode comes into being. It is hailed as exclusively personal SUV electric scooter.

In the very first place, the adopted 16-inch high-end Cheng Shin tyres and 680WH Panasonic lithium-ion battery pave the way for Airwheel S5 self-balancing scooter to challenge various tough road conditions as well as long-distance outdoor travel. The quality of Cheng Shin tyres is second to none in nowadays market. Meanwhile, the tyres of Airwheel S5 are much larger, thicker and wider than that of other Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters. That is why S5 can adapt for many terrible road conditions, such as desert, gravel road, mountain path or even gobi and so on. Generally speaking, the range of electric scooter is largely decided by the battery capacity. The fully-charged 680WH Panasonic lithium-ion battery can support as long distance as 40km. Besides, the battery enjoys much longer service life than ordinary ones. More importantly, the CPU of S5 is upgraded and refined on the basis of S-series. Then, it provides more flexible and smoother operations and thus gives riders much better riding experience.

Safety is an important aspect in outdoor activities. However, Airwheel R&D team has done great job in the safety of S5. A natural silicon bumper is installed on S5, which can reduce the damage from collision and friction towards scooter body. The equipped fender is another highlight. It is made from aero aluminum alloy, which enjoys good features of high hardness, light weight, excellent crashworthiness and large carrying capacity. The unique 4-inch LED panel offers various real-time data, like current speed, temperature, remaining electricity quantity and mileage, to riders directly. 

Overall, Airwheel S5 SUV scooter is a blessing to outdoor enthusiasts. 

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