The Libero Phone Jacket is an Attractive Phone Protector that Also Inhibits Smartphone Addiction

While smartphones are an important tool for communication and internet access, they can often become the focus of unhealthy habits. Not only can users—especially children—become addicted to them, but this addiction can lead to dangerous situations like using while walking or driving. A new device called the Libero Phone Jacket is an ingenious solution for these issues. The Libero Phone Jacket serves two purposes; it acts as a protective cover for your phone and it can limit the amount of time a user can interact with it.

The Libero Phone Jacket is the result of years of research and design by the highly respected Japanese technology company Momo. After realizing that many smartphone users develop an unhealthy fixation with their device, Momo designed the Libero Phone Jacket to attach to the most popular iPhones and Galaxy smartphones, and regulate usage. Using a lockable cover that manages the amount of time in use, the Libero Phone Jacket can be configured to limit usage from 30 minutes to 24 hours each day. Once the preset limit has been reached, the Libero Phone Jacket will automatically put the phone to sleep, allowing only use for vocal calls—these phone calls can also be programmed to cut off after between 5 and 60 minutes.

Once these limits have been reached using the Libero Phone Jacket’s internal electronic clock, the smartphone enters sleep mode until the following day. The Libero Phone Jacket also has a gyro sensor that prevents usage when the user is walking. The Libero Phone Jacket also has programmable prohibited usage times, preventing usage during parts of the day like late at night or during the school/work day. Finally, there is also a remote Bluetooth command system which allows parents to instantly change preset limits using their own smartphone.

While the design and prototype have been produced, Momo has not yet put the Libero Phone Jacket into mass production. An initial production run will cost $70,000, but Momo is asking the public to join them in making the Libero Phone Jacket a success. Supporters can support this project by backing their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and reserve their discounted Libero Phone Jacket before the general public. Additional perks include personalized Libero Phone Jackets, premium materials and finishes, invitation to the release party, and team member privileges.

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