Homecomingirl Invites Customers to Attend Anniversary Party

Homecomingirl plans an anniversary party in July. To thank for the support and help of its customers, Homecomingirl invites some of them to the party for free and provides some special for them. Besides, several amazing dresses from the collection—short homecoming dresses also show up there.

To celebrate its anniversary, Homecomingirl does a lot, especially in July. Homecomingirl plans its activity by offering the chance of travelling in five European countries for seven days online and prepares an anniversary party in the real world. The party is held for everyone who has made contributions to Homecomingirl including employees and customers.

As is known to all, a party held by a company is to motivate and praise its employees or maybe just to give them a chance to relax themselves. But how does this plan come up? And how could customers take part in such a unique party?

The CEO of Homecomingirl explains, “We hope we can have fun together with our customers. We always put their needs in the first place. Their requirements are the major motivation that makes Homecomingirl moving forward. I still remember the scene when the idea of inviting our customers to the event is proposed. Some colleagues think it takes too much to complete this while others totally agree. The two sides debate for a long time. Finally the customers-first side wins. And we are sure to spend happy party time with our dear customers no matter how hard it may be. Besides this, a surprise also appears there.”

Once the decision made, all the Homecomingirl departments, especially the Sales Department and the Customer Service Department, try their best to make full preparations for the party. All customers who have shopped at Homecomingirl over $800 will be sent an invitation email by Customer Service expects. These people will receive formal exquisite invitation cards if they reply to say yes. However the party does not only invite old users. New customers spending over $500 on the collection of cheap homecoming dresses have chances to attend the party. Ten people will be selected from them at random. One completely new customer who has never bought dresses from Homecomingirl can also show up at the party after the filing of the application.

The event will be held at BP International Hotel. Before the event, there will be a dress show about the newly updates of the collection — homecoming dresses 2015. A famous celebrity will come to the show with one homecoming dress. Guess who she it. See you at the party. 

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