Bleat! Kickstarter Turns to Poop for Inspiration

Seattle, WA – After initially launching Bleat! on Kickstarter, Shear Games made a painful discovery: There are other mobile games out there (who knew?). Bleat! seemed destined to be a casualty, relegated to yet-another-mobile-game status, when the team hit on a novel way to elevate it out of YAMG obscurity: They listened to what their Kickstarter community really wanted.

“Most often we would here players say, ‘This game needs more S***’,” said Paulie Sequeira, one of the developers of this title that once seemed doomed to obscurity. 

As it turns out, they meant it literally. Shear Games took the feedback to heart and introduced new and improved pooping sheep to its Kickstarter supporters. Lo and behold, the Internet responds particularly well to fecal sharing, and donations took off. More manure was just what Bleat! needed.

Let’s back up: The team from Shear Games, a team of Seattle-based game designers made a cute sheep herding game. You, the player, are a busy Border Collie named Flower leading your flock safely through electric fences, fires and water hazards… and now cute little sheep poop!

Jonathan Bigelow, Shear Games’ in-house artist — and creator of the webcomic Stairwell — said, “Pretty sure, in the million things I’ve drawn in my life, I’ve never drawn poo before.” (There’s a first time for everything, Jonathan.) Upon learning about the recent donation flood Lead programmer Cameron Jacobson remarked, “We really should have just made a poop simulator.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including the chance to be a Bleata Tester for $5, have a set of five unique greeting cards mailed to your door for $25, and more! Backers can also pledge $100 to receive an invitation to a catered launch party in the Seattle area, $500 for a portrait of your dog hand drawn by Jonathan Bigelow immortalized in the final release or $1,000 for a chance to help design and choose the theme for six custom levels! 

Don’t flush just yet, donate and download Bleat!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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