Georgia Drivers Use Technology To Save Money On Car Insurance

The free Auto Insurance Saver Rate Cost Comparison tool helps consumers throughout the USA efficiently and quickly shop for better deals and lower rates on car insurance.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – The free car insurance rate quote comparison tool from is a popular hit in Georgia. The free website offers an automated way for Georgia vehicle owners to quickly determine if they are getting the best deal and best coverage on car insurance. The site is widely used throughout the United States and is increasing in popularity in Georgia. The motto is when insurance agents compete, the consumer wins.

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Here are some interesting facts about car insurance and auto insurance rates in Georgia. In Georgia, auto insurance companies are eligible or permitted to choose to refuse to renew a policy. This is after an insured driver is deemed to have several or more than one at-fault accidents recorded within the past 3 years. A non-renew a policy is also permitted if an insured driver claims payments that add up to $750 or more.

Georgia state law requires that drivers who are aged 25 and above and who have maintained a clean driving record get a 10 percent discount. The driving record should be for the past 3 years where no at-fault accidents have been committed. There is also need for one to complete an approved defensive driver course. On the other hand, drivers who are under 25 may get the 10 percent discount for 3 years in case they complete classroom-based and practical driver training. The state does not have a grace period in which car insurance should be acquired. Concerning SR-22A, this is similar to the SR-22. This is a document that is used to show proof of financial responsibility, and it is only applied in Georgia, Missouri, and Texas. In Georgia, the SR-22A is used by people who repeatedly violate financial responsibility laws in the state. Drivers in Georgia can show proof of insurance on a Smartphone when in a traffic stop. Georgia is among the 31 states, which allow this kind of technology to be applied. The driver license points system in Georgia contains some unusual details for instance; no points may be assessed for over-speeding convictions of about less than 15 mph in relation to the posted speed limit.

A relatively new law in Georgia, the new Super Speeder law, subjects drivers to additional $200 fine should they be convicted of driving at speeds of 85 mph or more or 75 mph on two-lane roads. An expired license in Georgia is considered a misdemeanor and it attracts fines that may range from $100 to about $1000.

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