“Tom Gear and Bill Cowardin of the Cornwall Trust.”

Newport News, VA – July 29, 2015 – The Institute for Veterans Education and Training (IVET) celebrated the opening of the Fort Monroe YMCA and the Cornwall Dedication. IVET Solutions was a proud recipient of a  $120,000 grant from the Cornwall Trust.  IVET Solutions has formed a coalition that has supported over 8000 people as a result of the initial support provided by this great family. 

The Cornwall Trust is an endowment formed in honor and memory of Colonel Paul Revere Cornwall. Col. Cornwall was a 1938 graduate of West Point. He served in many capacities at the Pentagon and bases throughout the country, Paul Cornwall retired as a colonel in August 1962.

“IVET would like to thank the Cornwall family for their community spirit and generosity. Colonel Cornwall served as an example to all and continues to support military members  today with the incredibly generous efforts of this family. This represents the highest values of our Nation and our military.  Thousands of  military families and the Hampton Roads Community are blessed for this great work,” said Jeffrey C. Horne, IVET CEO. 

“The Cornwall Trust played a significant role in IVET being able to begin our programs supporting transitioning military members and their families.  It enabled us to set the conditions to achieve what some thought was an impossible mission — one of providing a coalition to provide a totally integrated set of services into short, intensive sessions.  Our results have been profound, the return on investment far exceeds that of some agencies funded at far higher levels.  We have been recognized by major corporations like the Prudential Investment Foundation, The National Chamber of Commerce, and received the Partner of the Year award from the Virginia Manufacturer’s Association  in 2014.” 

About IVET

The Institute for Veterans Education and Training is an educational non-profit enterprise established in 2010 that is devotedly assisting military members, regardless of background, to find career and life happiness and balance.  Its mission is to improve military recruiting and retention into education and business ventures to create win-wins for industry and for the men and women that have served this country valiantly.  IVET believes it can prove that military members, supported by effective transition programs, are the best employment product in the Nation.

For more information about IVET, visit http://ivetsolutions.org

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