Why You Should Consider Cloud Rendering In CG Studios

Setting up a render farm in your small scale CG studio can get slightly overwhelming. The complex and elaborate systems involved, and their efficient functionality does not only take up a great deal of space, but maintenance and upgrades also add to the overall expenses.

In order to overcome these obstacles without compromising the quality of your projects, it is highly advisable to consider cloud rendering. Cloud rendering offers you all the benefits of a traditional render farm in a streamlined and optimized manner. Here are a few reasons you should consider a cloud render farm for your CG studio.

Easy Uploading and Downloading

Since the projects conducted in CG studios are based on heavy and complex files, sharing them can get slightly complicated. As opposed to conventional render farms, uploading and downloading important content is very easy and optimized in a cloud render farm. Moreover, this does not even consume a lot of time. Since the only requirement is a smooth running Internet connection, tasks like editing, sharing, and distribution become trouble-free.

Easy To Use

Conventional render farms require the set up of complex and elaborate hardware systems. Moreover, the software used is also based on complex architecture, making it difficult to understand and operate. With cloud computing rendering systems in your CG studios, you will not have to worry about the multifaceted hardware requirements.

Effective Collaboration

If you are collaborating with a third party to help you with your rendering requirements, you can work flexibly and not worry about any misunderstandings. Whatever edits are made by either party can be viewed and discussed easily, in real time thus ensuring quality. Innovative ideas or changes can be included in the project without worrying about communication barriers.

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced and competent service for setting up a cloud based render farm in your CG studio, consider Rayvision. Shenzhen Rayvision Inc. is an Internet technology company that specializes in research regarding cluster rendering, parallel computing technology and provides render farm services for CG studios. They are pioneers of “self-service cloud rendering”, making them them ideal option for CG based cloud computing services.

For more information, contact them through their email at service@rayvision.com or call them at +86 130 5800 5448. Moreover, visit their website http://www.rayvision.com/ to get a better understanding of their services!

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