Dying Sister Inspires Brother’s Liquor Store Robberies

When J. P. London read a similar story in the newspaper, he was inspired to write his most powerful novel to date, Stolen. Having graduated college with massive debt and little hope or interest in succeeding in the corporate world, his life took a dramatic turn toward real estate investment. Once he’d established that business, he wrote a bestselling book about his real estate endeavors. Now, his writing interests have turned to fiction.

Joe’s next effort led to the creation of Knockout, a short story that emerged when J. P. was the victim of a “knockout game” kind of attack. With the advent of the “knockout game” gaining notoriety in many cities, London felt it was time to fictionalize the event.

London says, “Daydreaming inspires me to write fiction.  A small spark of an idea will grow in my mind until over time, I have developed an entire plot. Then it’s a matter of putting it on paper, and that’s the hardest part. It’s like downloading my brain onto a sheet of paper.  I rarely experience writer’s block unless I come to a part where I have no experience in the matter and must turn to research.”

Stolen is his first full length novel and the one about which he’s most enthusiastic. It features a young man at his college graduation entering the world with no real knowledge or skills to advance his life. He learns his parents have been killed on the way to his graduation ceremony and his sister is paralyzed. Desperate to provide her with the necessary care, he resorts to a Bonnie & Clyde lifestyle. The result is a vibrant, grisly, gleefully amoral assault on North Jersey that will have you rooting for the bad guys.

Tiny Tee said the following, “This story shows the struggle of a good man who was put in a terrible situation and the extreme measures he takes to take care of his sister. I thoroughly enjoyed the modern day Bonnie and Clyde love story in this story as well. Very entertaining and could not put it down! I am intrigued by J.P London’s mind and cannot wait for his next novel!”

The book will officially release on July 29, 2015 at http://jplondonbooks.homestead.com and is available on Amazon.com


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