GamePhD announces free 1 month Xbox live gold for all avid game lovers

USA – 29 July, 2015 – GamePhD is the right destination for all game lovers like you who wish to save time and money while playing their favorite video games. Visitors of this site can now lay their hands on information regarding various video games and Xbox live codes to play their games for endless hours. Xbox is a finest example of the technological wizardry performed by Microsoft that has helped them take the gaming world by storm since its foray into the market.

Though many games can be played with Xbox, gamers worldwide are always looking to discover new games available to them and hence keep looking for these new experiences. The online component to these games requires a secondary purchase of Xbox LIVE gold to active at the functions of online gameplay. This becomes very costly as the subscription based service can add up over the years. When you click at the GamePhD website url at you will have access to their free promotional offer. The free 1 month Xbox live gold promotion has been introduced by GamePhD recently to the delight of the Xbox Live lovers the world over. If you read further this site will inform you that the team at GamePhD is providing visitors with a free link of Xbox live gold which is working fine right from its creator, Microsoft! This is the promotion offered by the software giant through their website and you must have a or account to access it.

You must also make sure that your email account has been linked to the gamer tag for the free trial period to be available to you. As soon as you have done it, you just have to click on the button for signup found on the website of GamePhD to begin your trial period of Xbox live gold. Also remember that the site specifies that this promotion is applicable only for silver members. However, those of you who are trying to apply this promotion to an existing gamer tag which already has an active Xbox live gold subscription will not be able to access it. Hence this means that the account with silver membership is eligible for this free trial for 1 month. You are also free to create a brand new gamer tag to get instant access to your free trial.

As you always knew, Microsoft has a systematic way of handling things and the GamePhD site will instruct you that you will receive the billing details before proceeding to play with the free trial. This site will help you find the link that you need to not have any concerns about the temporary charge of $1 popping on the card as it will fall off after 72 hours. This site also offers other instructions to help you use the trial period to the fullest.

About GamePhD:

GamePhD has always been the site that has helped gamers enjoy their favorite games. The site has always offered them many free Xbox live codes to play their Xbox games with ease without spending a lot and also has the latest promotion updates.


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