Hoard The Spoils: A New Role-playing Game with a Scintillating Plot

This RPG gives more creative control to the players, removing the need for complex playing guides.

John Spiller has come up with a new type of open D6 role-playing game. Using a three-dimensional game board, various creatures and dice, the game gives more creative control to players and game masters, removing the need for complex playing guides.

It’s called Hoard The Spoils and the storyline is set in a mythical society where the local governments have been living off free labor and exorbitant taxes from the residents, who have been brainwashed to forget their individual rights.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/AnYzxd4Dj0Y

The people finally realize their terrible plight and are rebelling. They are protesting at town halls and threatening to withhold their taxes.

The citizens and politicians now clash at every turn so Hoard The Spoils becomes a test of skills and combat maneuvers.  

“It’s simply a case of walking your own path and doing what is right for yourself,” says Spiller. “When you are perceived as the villain, however, simply by wanting to keep what you earned, well a villain you will be.

“Of course, the true villains of the story are those using you as a scapegoat in order to gain control over the populace.  So grab a shovel to hide your coins, weapons, and all that you have earned. Stay out of sight or in the very dungeons you risked your life in so you can protect what belongs to you from those masquerading as knights in shining armor.”

Hoard The Spoils is still in the testing stage and Spiller’s company, Perseverance Ink, needs $5,000 to complete the project. In order to generate this funding, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at:

The Kickstarter page includes a video demonstration of the game.

Those who would like to back this project can provide monetary contributions or simply download the free alpha test at www.drivethrurpg.com/product/143797/Hoard-The-Spoils-Core-Rulebook-Alpha-Testing?term=hoard+th and provide feedback.

For $10, backers can receive a PDF copy of the Hoard The Spoils book. A pledge of $25 is rewarded with a softcover copy. A $75 contribution is good for the first adventure of the game plus hardcover and softcover copies of the book.

“This mythical world needs a new kind of hero,” says Spiller. “It could be you. Although the citizens don’t know it yet, they need individuals like you.”

For additional information, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/754664525/hoard-the-spoils; the Perseverance Ink website, www.perseveranceink.com; or the Perseverance Ink Facebook page, www.facebook.com/perseveranceink

Spiller can be reached directly at perseveranceink@gmail.com

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