Best Press Release Distribution Service 2015 Recognition Revealed

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 29, 2015 – An independent group of elite SEOs (search engine optimizers) revealed to us the best press release distribution services of 2015, comparing KPIs (key performance indicators) including reach potential, visibility, traffic and cost.

1. Press Release Jet is a new press release distribution service founded in 2014 that should send chills to competitors. The SEOs reported to us that its $49 Premium package supersedes the reach potential of PR Newswire, with an over 85% overlap in site distribution, which is unheard of. Press Release Jet’s Standard package is $19.

2. PR Newswire is commonly known as the gold standard for public relations agencies. The price starts at $700 and can go upwards of $4000, depending on the package. It was agreed upon that PR Newswire has an enormous reach potential but not more than Press Release Jet. PR Newswire comes with the most sophisticated reporting.

3. PR Web is often used by digital marketing agencies for SEO (search engine optimization), although the SEOs have pointed out that the back links generated are not comparable to Press Release Jet and PR Newswire. PR Web’s standard package starts at $159. The largest drawback to PR Web is the lack of true visibility since its distribution does not make it to actual media and journalists — only sites on the web.

4. eReleases is a reseller of PR Newswire. Its basic package starts at $399. The SEOs in the group that have used eReleases told us that the back end is confusing, and you do not get the same level of customer service as PR Newswire.

5. Marketwire used to lead with its SEO and social media capabilities but the landscape has changed quite a bit in the last two years. Marketwire is a good balance for small businesses but they do not rank as well as the others when it comes to inbound links, Alexa Traffic Rank and Google index pages.

The Best Press Release Distribution Service 2015 Recognition was unanimously voted to go to Press Release Jet, beating the others in visibility, traffic and especially price.

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