DJ Ritendra Drops New Album “Now That You’re Gone”

DJ RitendraJuly 30, 2015 – Fijian EDM producer, DJ Ritendra has finally released his debut studio album “Now That You’re Gone” after a long anticipation from the fans who were waiting for the album to arrive patiently. DJ Ritendra just released 2 of his singles from the album which went onto become a huge success and wonderfully created the hype for his first album. He released, “Ballin” Featuring American Rapper Andrew P as the first single and the track quickly became popular among the fans. DJ Ritendra later on also released another single from the album called, ‘Tonight’ which again was received well by the crowd. After a string of singles, DJ Ritendra has finally given his fans something to cheer about as he had finally come up with a bunch of new songs produced by DJ Ritendra himself.

DJ Ritendra’s increasing popularity really did made him to raise the bar up and come up with something which is sensational and it looks like DJ Ritendra has managed to do so with his latest album. “Now That You’re Gone” features some of the very talented music artists and DJ Ritendra has tried his level best to maintain the essence of his music to the top and coming with something mediocre is not at all acceptable. And perhaps this is the reason why DJ Ritendra has always been a prevalent name in Fiji’s Musical community. He has successfully created the name of his own with his wonderful mixing and production which made him one of the top DJ’s in Fiji. However, DJ Ritendra finally thought to come up with something which is his own original material and independently make his music and thus now we have, “Now That You’re gone”, which is already available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

DJ Ritendra added that he was not looking to do what many other aspiring DJ’s in Fiji were. “The bootleg remixes are quite frequently being made up in my region, and that was something I didn’t really planned to stick towards. I wanted to make my own music with my own individual and independent efforts. Since then, I’ve been working day and night to satisfy the fans and with ‘Now That You’re Gone’ already here, I hope all of you would enjoy it.”

2 singles have already been released from “Now That You’re Gone” with ‘Ballin’ and ‘Tonight’ being the both which were highly praised by the fans. The first studio album of DJ Ritendra seems to be creating a lot of buzz as the Fijian music producer is receiving some wonderful response from his fans.

Here is the tracklist of “Now That You’re Gone”:

1. “As I Am” (featuring Anna Yanova-Cattoor)
2. “Abyss of Me” (featuring Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
3. “No Problem without You” (featuring Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
4. “Now That You’re Gone” (featuring Jovana Djordjevic)
5. “I’ll Still Love You the Same” (featuring Jovana Djordjevic)
6. “Secret Lovers”
7. “Tonight”
8. “Ballin” (featuring Andrew P)
9. “Bucket To A Benz” (featuring Andrew P And The Homie G)

One of the talking points of this album is DJ Ritendra’s approach in his production. He has produced some tracks which are not perfectly the typical style of DJ Ritendra’s production but he has managed to wonderfully pull out that style of music which covers different genres. First of all, As we all know the excellency of DJ Ritendra in Producing Electropop And EDM music is just brilliant and this would be the main genre of “Now That You’re Gone”. Not only just that, but DJ Ritendra has successfully produced Synthpop, and Hiphop tracks as well.

“Now That You’re Gone” entirely runs for 34 minutes which consists 9 total tracks and is released under the record label, Lewavesi Production. The subjectivity and the content in this album is about Love as confirmed by DJ Ritendra himself. Plus, the album also gives the partying feel as well, which was witnessed in the two released singles.

DJ Ritendra has delivered a lot of efforts to come up with something like this project which seems to be the biggest thing in DJ Ritendra’s career till now. To support the artist, make sure to buy his album which is available on iTunes as of now.

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