Homeless Author of New Book Does The Unthinkable

July 30, 2015 – Charles Rentz, New Thought Author of the compelling new book “Changing the World Without Money or God,” which is rapidly becoming acknowledged by many readers as one of the most courageously written books of the era, has done the unthinkable by going off the grid to become a writer. He has dropped out of the rat race of typical American life, given up his worldly possessions, taken a vow of poverty, and devoted to helping people wherever he goes; especially those who cannot afford assistance. He humbly states, “Although my best paycheck in a single month while in the business world was about $28,000, it never quite made sense to me — making so much money in 30 to 60 days while others struggle making less in an entire year.”

A number of years ago, Charles underwent a major life crisis and what many would consider a breakdown — a period of time when he lost everything. However, today, he describes that moment in his life as an awakening — a breakthrough of epic proportions. He says, “It was the final breaking point in my mind that cracked me wide open, and removed multiple layers of ego and ultimately unveiled many mind programs running my life at an unconscious level. I knew I had to start living life differently — thinking differently — get back to my innocence — get back to who I really was before I started chasing the almighty dollar and pinning my self worth to my income.” He went on to share that he could no longer live by the conformities of maladapted cultural habits any longer, and it was time to become the change, if he were to live authentically from then on.

As one whom has minimized his life so greatly, hence reducing his clothing to what he can simply hold inside a suitcase, and by decreasing his worldly possessions to only what can fit inside a car, through his travels which comprise primarily of social action, helping strangers, and working for free, Charles has gained insights into the human psyche that very few of us have the courage and discipline to even consider.

Not only has he broken the mold of the typical American by confronting and breaking many societal and cultural habits on a personal level, he does the unthinkable again by tackling the most significant and controversial topic of modern times, God; and the second largest challenge facing humanity, Money, in a single book. He brilliantly articulates in a compassionate tone how both Money and God are greatly influencing our personal lives and culture, at mostly an unconscious level. He clearly states, “We have reached a moment in time when more human beings than ever are waking up, and seeking new interdependent purpose beyond the outdated concepts of religion and greed. People striving to become better human beings inspires me. Therefore, the primary reason why I wrote the book was to help me find my own purpose and let go of a few self destructive cultural norms myself, and by doing so, hopefully inspire others too!”

Typically, intriguing books such as this one, that address controversial issues like Consciousness, Religion, Government, Cultural Reform, and Social Responsibility are highly biased, and charged with an inherent theme of negativity. Not so, with this book! From a non judgmental frame of reference and open mindedness, Rentz contrasts the subject matter as to empower the reader to entertain new ideas, concepts, and facts from differing viewpoints. He has written this masterpiece in a direct and realistic manner, yet with a heartfelt attitude that allows you to easily connect with the content. In addition, cloaked in a warm blanket of cautious optimism, there is an inherent theme of positivity and clarity, which naturally leaves the reader looking forward to the next sentence, time and again.

“Changing the World Without Money or God — A Mindful Journey Into Consciousness and Free Thought” offers unique insights, pertinent solutions, and fresh enlightening views on many relevant challenges presently facing humanity, on both an individual level and collective scale. This content is refreshing, intriguing, inspiring, and easy to read. I highly recommend reading this book which is offered in ebook or paperback, and simple to find on Amazon.
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