HOUSTON, TEXAS – July 31, 2015 – Mykel Hawke, management client of Duke and Sterling, LLC., and former co-host of Discovery’s Man Woman Wild, has filed a lawsuit against Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications and Mr. Joseph Teti (Discovery’s Dual Survival Co-Host) in South Carolina under The Wigger Law Firm in North Charleston, South Carolina.  Among the five causes of action are negligent hiring, training and supervision, unfair trade practices, defamation and slander.  Our attorney, Mr. Christopher Gabel, J.D., LL.M., has represented the Hawke family in Texas and has been the legal liaison to The Wigger Law Firm on behalf of Mykel Hawke and this legal complaint filed in the state of South Carolina in Greenville County on June 16, 2015.

A Texas judge found the behavior of Mr. Teti towards Captain Hawke and his family so egregious, he issued a lifetime protective order for the Hawke family.  From Shark Week to Sons of Guns, to Honey Boo Boo to Dual Survival, Discovery Communications is no stranger to such proceedings.

“Mr. Teti’s actions and behavior had been reported to Discovery Channel and Discovery Channel’s legal department multiple times for nearly two years preceding the lifetime protective order for stalking. Discovery Channel failed to take action to curtail Mr. Teti’s behavior, even as Discovery Channel mediums were used as instruments of defamation,” commented attorney Gabel.

Captain Hawke now has no other option but to bring a suit against Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications and Mr. Teti. The complaint filed by The Wigger Law Firm out of South Carolina speaks for itself. There is much that will come to the public light about Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications, Mr. Teti, and the consequences of the entirety of their relationship; the Hawke legal team eagerly awaits trial. The objective is to attempt to repair the seemingly irreparable harm done to Captain Hawke’s reputation while seeking justice during this legal process.

We support Mykel Hawke and the Hawke family during this process and wish to arrive at a point where justice can be served and Captain Hawke can regain his reputation and restore his standing in the entertainment community. 

The Wigger Law Firm, INC., North Charleston, SC retained to lead case for Mykel Hawke

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