New “Spells Of Doom” Boardgame Brings Fun and Fate Home

New board game enthusiasts are going to love Spells of Doom with its fantastic new dark heroes. Get ready to put fate in your hand this fall.

Passionate and talented designers and engineers behind the creative project are from Drawlab Entertainment, a new board game producing company in Greece. Become a hero and take the fate of the realm in your hands in a fight full of magic! Spells of Doom can be played with 2 players, where each player controls his own hero, or with 4, where the players form two teams and each side tries to capture magic shrines and damage their opponents. There are four heroes to choose from – each with his own deck of cards and his own miniature and creatures to control.

Check detailed characters, playing cards and figures on the new Kickstarter funding campaign.  Old school and new players alike will enjoy the elaborate game board, hero cards, hero miniatures and loads of other things. The perks are awesome and the team is motivated to get their project out the door and into your hands. Get involved for just $2 (and your name gets a mentioned), $60 or more gets you the game hot off the press and delivered to your doorstep. For only $110 you can get two copies of the game – more fun for you and a friend.

Shipping is included for those in the EU, Canada and US. If you live outside these areas add $10 for shipping. With a target delivery of this November, it could be an awesome early Christmas gift; but only if you help spread the word. Share the links widely with friends and family.

Spells of Doom Kickstarter Funding Campaign

Find out more about the artists at Drawlab on their website

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