Bandwagon mold doctors using Cholestyramine are now the targets of Composite Medical Boards across the nation. A newbie Ohio mold doctor, who refused comment; is now being blamed for the death of a 64 year old Ohio man using a cholesterol medication “Cholestyramine” in an attempt to try and detoxify the patient from mold exposure. A drug which no scientific or medical data can be found that supports any effectiveness for mold or mycotoxin detoxification.

Big trouble is on the way for self-proclaimed “Mold Doctors”, and Cholestyramine prescriptions, as the latest research links this drug to “Sudden Death Syndrome”.

Imagine, a desperate patient walks into the doctor’s office and says, “I’ve been exposed to mold.” Their doctor goes to the Internet, Googles “mold detoxification” and finds a drug that they can easily prescribe with little to no thought called “Cholestyramine”, and with no further information, or research, writes a prescription, and tells the patient to open wide, here’s the medication for you. Sound ludicrous? Sadly enough it’s more fact than fiction, and its killing people.

As more unqualified physicians dive onto the mold exposure bandwagon, and dabble in an area of toxicology they have no training in, so called “Mold Doctors”, using a drug known as Cholestyramine are falling under heavy scrutiny from state medical boards. Plaintiff counsel for the family of the deceased, who cannot be named at this time due to litigation technicalities, stated; this has been a growing trend since Obama Care has been instituted, insurance companies are paying physicians less than ever for medical services, jumping onto a cash cow business like mold exposure patients is a place where many physicians would like to be. The fact is most of these physicians have zero background in toxicology and are using drugs based upon heresy, and online blog information, with absolutely no clinical data to back up even why they would prescribe drugs such as Cholestyramine for a condition they have had little to no experience dealing with.

Cholestyramine is a drug manufactured by various generic drug manufacturers, FDA approved its use to lower high cholesterol levels in the blood. The side effects are commonly most frequent, constipation, tooth discoloration, tooth enamel erosion, and premature tooth decay, and Increased plasma triglycerides.

However, new studies have shown another side to this drug, “Sudden Death Syndrome”. Sudden death from the use of Cholestyramine has been documented among people who take Cholestyramine, especially for people who are male, 60+ old, have been taking the drug for less than 1 month, also people who take medication Allopurinol, and have multiple myeloma. A study of one thousand six hundred eighty one (1,681) people who have side effects while taking Cholestyramine from FDA and social media. Among them, 45 have had Sudden Death.  On Jul, 28, 2015: 1,681 people reported to have side effects when taking Cholestyramine. Among them, 45 people (2.68%) had Sudden Deaths, a rate which is unacceptable for any drugs use.

The use of the drug Cholestyramine to treat mold exposure victims was the brain child of Maryland doctor Ritchie Shoemaker now known as the “Shoemaker Protocol”. This protocol has been in existents for over ten years producing results no greater than that of similar placebo studies. Shoemaker a self-published, self-promoting physician has now lost his license to practice medicine due to various legal and ethical infarctions. Still promoting himself as the Mold-Guru, one must ask themselves, if this protocol and Cholestyramine, after being prescribed for more than ten years really worked, why would it not be the prescription medication and protocol standard nationwide? The fact is it does not work, and now has been deemed dangerous by the medical community at large. Attorney for the Plaintiff’s family continued to say; we have researched all of the medical literature to date and have not found one medical or scientific paper, which can support the use of Cholestyramine for the detoxification of mycotoxins or mold toxins. We feel there will be an onslaught of legal actions brought against physicians using Cholestyramine for mold detoxification, as this is not what the FDA has approved this drug for, these is no existing documentation supporting any claims of this drug’s effectiveness for mycotoxin detoxification, these self-proclaimed mold doctors are physicians that have no toxicology backgrounds, and besides the fact this drug is killing people.

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