Top Authority Women’s Walking Shoe Review Picks Out Best Walking Shoes of 2015 So Far

Brooks Addiction Walker impresses panel of experts the most, with two unexpected picks trailing only steps behind, Women’s Walking Shoe Review reports

With the sunny days of summer in full evidence, more women are looking to take pleasant, health-enhancing walks outside, and Women’s Walking Shoe Review has just picked out the top shoes of 2015 for those heading out the door. Focusing intently on shoes designed to make walking safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable, Women’s Walking Shoe Review experts went through dozens of candidates before picking out a winner in the form of the Brooks Addiction Walker, along with two highly capable runners-up. Women’s Walking Shoe Review is the Internet’s leading authority on special-purpose walking shoes aimed at women, so the new awards will be of great interest to anyone who loves to engage in this most natural, fundamental, and healthful form of exercise.

“The competition has really heated up since we last surveyed the field,” Women’s Walking Shoe Review founder and Chief Reviewer Sally Shoeru said, “We’re happy to say that Brooks made another strong showing in our just-released rankings, taking the top spot with the company’s affordable, well-rounded Addiction Walker shoe. Our next two picks will surprise quite a few people. Anyone looking for a great walking shoe for any purpose can read more here and get some useful, informed advice.”

Research conducted by the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University has established that every minute a person spends walking extends expected lifespan by an average of 1.5 to 2 minutes. Even simply adding a 20-minute walk of low intensity to a daily routine, those experts have found, can result in weight loss of nearly ten pounds over the course of a year.

In fact, walking is one of the most versatile, safest, and best-rounded forms of exercise there is. As one popular Women’s Walking Shoe Review guide relates, walking can be a great way of losing weight and improving fitness and overall health for people of all ages, levels of physical condition, and individual situations. Whether for a sedentary person taking first steps toward fitness with slow, regular neighborhood walks or an athlete adding high-intensity walking to a workout program, walking is the form of exercise that doctors and other health professionals recommend more than any other.

One of the chief attractions of walking is that it requires little in the way of equipment. A good pair of stable, well-designed, stride-enhancing shoes can be a great asset, however, and Women’s Walking Shoe Review is the single most focused and trusted authority on shoes aimed specifically at improving and supporting the walking activities of women. As those who visit her site here will see, founder Sally Shoeru is a longtime, active proponent of walking and an avid walker herself, having established the company to provide a much-needed source of reliable, in-depth information on women’s walking shoes.

The brand-new Womens Walking Shoe Review guide to the best shoes of 2015, then, will be of great interest to any woman who enjoys and values walking or anyone who knows one. Those interested in the new report can click here to read it for free, along with a wide selection of other helpful, useful articles and guides.

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