Find Financial Nirvana with CHAKRAS: New Website Connects Users to Personal Yogi/Yogini

Renowned financial speaker Ash Shukla has launched new website for financial chakras

Any entrepreneur can experience failure, but repeated incidents of failure can lead to entrepreneurs feeling “stuck”, with no chance of development.

Seeing firsthand the toll failure can take on one’s approach toward entrepreneurial endeavors, Ash Shukla, a popular financial speaker and author of Sell Like Crazy: Evolution Of An Expert 5 Secret Steps To Building Your Empire Using CHAKRAS, is pleased to announce the arrival of his new website, a portal designed to connect anyone with the assets he uses for success. is dedicated toward helping entrepreneurs achieve personal and professional success in business, finances, health and wellness.

The tranquil path of Nirvana with begins with connecting frustrated entrepreneurs with the yogi or yogini, who can help them reach their goals by tapping into the power of the CHAKRAS. On the website, visitors may access a calendar for Mr. Shukla’s upcoming live events, where he will speak to the audience about how anyone can reinvigorate their sales and business with the right holistic moves.

In the upcoming months, a wealth of resources including videos and articles will be available through as well as, his dream to open the Financial CHAKRAS Holistic Wealth Center.

“Anyone can give themselves the life they’ve always dreamed of, and unlock their financial nirvana. Aligning the body with CHAKRAS is the key, and I want to help connect people with the yogi or yogini who can help them accomplish their goals,” says Shukla.

About Ash Shukla

Ash Shukla came to the United States of America from India in 1989. When he arrived, he only had $20 in his pocket and didn’t speak a word of English. Ash is also an author of four books and is a congressionally recognized speaker.

Mr. Shukla is and has been inspired by his 95 year old grandfather. His grandfather practices meditation on a daily basis, and as a result, he lives a life of abundance.

Visitors to can now and sign-up for holistic business, finance, health and wellness tips, plus view testimonials of past attendees of Shukla’s Financial CHAKRAS seminars and see when the next Financial CHAKRAS event is.

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