Helperz Foundation Teams Up With Local Communities

Foundation has been founded to work with communities and individuals to improve the common good. The organization offers grants and scholarships in furtherance of its goals.

Glen Allen, VA – 03 August, 2015 – Helperz Foundation is pleased to announce that it has been founded to utilize both traditional and innovative fund-raising techniques in order to gather resources. It will then be offering grants to individuals and qualifying non-profit organizations in for form of scholarships or grants.  The Virginia based organization is focused on furthering the common good of the local community. A major part of the role of the Helperz Foundation is to assess and identify the greatest needs of the community. 

The plan which the Helperz Foundation has designed will issue grants to organizations. The grants are for the purpose of education, fine arts, veteran assistance and medical research. Grants and scholarships are also planned for those who need assistance in order to continue their education. Education is an important area of the work which Helperz Foundation has planned. The purpose is to help produce opportunities for development of the individual and the community. 

According to a spokesperson for the Foundation, speaking in a recent interview, “Our organization relies on volunteers to help us in our growing portfolio of projects. You can make a difference in someone’s life by volunteering.”

Another area of interest for the Foundation is research. Helperz is helping out with research into various areas. These include colitis, crohns and cancer. The number of elements in the portfolio is gradually increasing. 

Learn more about volunteering with Helperz Foundation by emailing today. The necessary information is the applicant’s name, contact telephone number and a resume of professional experience.

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